Polterheist film guns gangsters ghosts

Two gangsters are given 72 hours to discover the whereabouts of a stash of drug money stolen by their boss. There’s only one problem…they just murdered him. Frantic to find the cash, the hapless criminals kidnap a psychic medium and force her to contact the dead gang boss. Unfortunately for them, they only succeed in unleashing an evil spirit bent on revenge.

Polterheist (2018)  |  Runtime 1 hr 26 min (86 min)  |  12-Track Digital Sound  |  Color  |  Aspect Ratio 16:9 HD

Jo Mousley Jamie Cymbal Sid Akbar Ali Pushpinder Chani Kev Curtin Polly Lister Gemma Head Huw Blainey Monty Sehmi Moey Hassan Paul Royston Kate Layden

Directed by David Gilbank Written by David Gilbank, Gemma Head, Paul Renhard Produced by Pepe Fowler
Executive producers Paul Vaughan, Lindon Batley, Rebecca Bonell, John Connell, Ken Cook, Sharon Cook, Pepe Fowler, David Gilbank,
Neil Ouzman, Paul Renhard, Paul Royston, Karl Svenson, Rob Wilkinson, Music by Umberto Gaudino, Charlie Leek
Cinematography by Chris Powell, Film Editing by Harry Gilbank Chris Powell Costumes by Emma Renhard Post Production by One Bright Dot (Brighouse)

In a neglected Northern city riven by criminal gangs and rife with drugs, two small time gangsters, Tariq & Boxy, are given an ultimatum by the local Godfather – find their missing boss Frank and return the drug money he’s stolen or be battered to death with a cricket bat. A task made even more problematic once we discover Tariq & Boxy accidently killed Frank a few days before.

After several unsuccessful attempts to find the money, Tariq hatches a desperate last ditch plan.  A local psychic medium, Alice Moon, has been helping police locate bodies hidden by a notorious serial killer. Tariq persuades Boxy to help him kidnap Alice and force her to make contact with Frank. Following a bizarre and terrifying séance, Frank’s poltergeist possesses Alice’s body and persuades Tariq & Boxy to replace the missing money by robbing a rival drugs gang. But the heist is bungled and sparks off a bloody gang war. 

Frank, still in control of Alice’s body, continues to lead the hapless pair on a merry dance through the city’s dark underworld. It’s a journey that ends in a vast, run down Victorian cemetery where Frank has planned a final brutal act of revenge on the men who murdered him…but like all the plans in Polterheist, this one has unseen and unpleasant consequences.

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